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Will Wearing Invisalign® Feel Uncomfortable at First?

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Are you asking yourself “Will wearing Invisalign® feel uncomfortable at first?” Many dental patients are choosing the Invisalign® process to straighten their teeth over traditional braces. The clear aligner trays are nearly invisible, so no one knows that you are wearing them until they get close. “Is Invisalign® uncomfortable to wear,” is one of the questions many patients ask before making up their mind about whether or not this is the right teeth-straightening procedure for them. If you want to know the answer to the question, “Is Invisalign® uncomfortable” keep reading.

Is Invisalign® Uncomfortable to Wear on the First Day?

Most patients are going to experience some degree of discomfort when they first begin to wear their aligner trays. That experience is quite natural. After all, your teeth, which are used to being completely free of all encumbrances, are going to be encased in a clear tray designed to hold them tightly. It’s like wearing a tight pair of pants. They might feel uncomfortable for a few moments until you become used to them. Is Invisalign® uncomfortable on the first day? The answer is yes, at least for a little while.


Is Invisalign® Uncomfortable to Wear after the First Week?

For most people, the answer to the question, “Is Invisalign® uncomfortable to wear after the first week” is no. However, if you are forgetful or lazy and you keep your trays off longer than you should, it is possible that you are going to continue to experience some degree of irritation. Is Invisalign® uncomfortable to wear after the first week? It shouldn’t be, as long as you wear them approximately 20 to 22 hours within a 24-hour period.


Is Invisalign® Uncomfortable Wear at Night?

During the first couple of days, you might experience some discomfort with your aligner trays during the initial stages of falling asleep. However, once you have fallen asleep, you should not experience any pain or irritation.


Is Invisalign® Uncomfortable to Wear When I Get a New Tray?

Each time you switch over to a new tray, you might experience some minor discomfort. This is due to the fact that the latest tray is going to fit more snugly to encourage movement of your teeth to the desired position.